Welcome to Talon Karrde's Outer Empires map website!

Hello, and welcome to Talon Karrde's Outer Empires map website.

I wanted to create a map of space stations, and the routes between them. Since then I have expanded the maps, offering useful functionality to Outer Empires players. To the left are the links to the maps, and a key of what lines on the maps symbolize. For new players to Outer Empires, or those just getting their toes into long-range interstellar transport, I recommend the Shortest Path map. This map will allow you to view a general path to travel around the known Universe. For those with ships with transport ranges of 500 light-years (LY), There is the basic 500 LY distances map. For those with ships with transport ranges of 500-1000 light-years (LY), I recommend the 500 - 1000 LY distances map. Please note this one takes a few moments to load. For those with ships with 1001+ transport ranges, please see the 500 - 1000 - 1300 LY distances map. Please note that this takes several seconds to load. Please see the Space Stations Only map, for an unobscured view of all of the space stations currently in Outer Empires.

Most of all enjoy! If you like these, please let me know in game, I appreciate any questions, comments or feedback!

Outer Empires is Back!

While on my post-graduation trip to Euorpe, I was notified that after 6 months, Outer Empires has come back online and is again in full swing. Great to hear guys! To celebrate, I have once again setup the maps so TalonKarrde.com is once again up to date! I look forward to seeing you all again when I get back in the States!

I'm a blog!

I've officially started a blog, writing about computers, computer programming, finishing up at a university, interviewing, and who knows what else. For now, its very much a work in progress, but here is my new personal website/blog: Away From the Keyboard.

Nightly Updates!

I reformatted my primary computer so I temporarily had no way to update the site. I installed the update scripts on my secondary computer and now have the updates scheduled to run nightly. Assuming that the computer is on (it usually is except for when I'm on vacations), we should have a new maps updated every night! Enjoy!


Mostly recovered! :) School has been a huge burden on me since my accident, but I've struggled extra hard and have actually caught up. Now though, I haven't had enough time to play any games that I have been having on hold in the background (OE, Starcraft 2, etc.). I really appreciate everyone's emails and well-wishes since my accident, and thank you all for it all.

One last thing though, I can regenerate the maps at any time, but don't get around to my desktop unless I receive an email requesting an update. Please send me an email here if you would like me to re-sync the maps. I've noticed they haven't changed too much in the past 2 weeks, so the re-creation process has been intermittent. I can re-do the maps very easy though. Anyway, take care all, fly safe, and keep in touch!

Brain troubles

I was in a major car accident last Tuesday. My head has been a mess since then. I'll keep doing my best to make sure the maps are set up again though.

New Computer

My 3-year old computer finally died. I ended up getting a new one, have it setup and have my scripts running finally. Sorry about that!

Happy birthday to me!

This ended up being a good birthday afterall. I got my laptop working again! Good old Windows 7 restore! I definately am getting more and more impressed with this OS.

Away for a bit, and my birthday!

Happy birthday weekend! My laptop just failed... will have to update with my netbook :(
I'll have to figure out what to do after this weekend.. stay tuned folks!

Away for a bit, and my birthday!

Hey all, sorry I haven't been around a lot lately. Work and volunteering at a local art gallery have been keeping me pretty busy. I've also got family in town (It's my birthday on Sunday!), so I'll be in and out. As always, feel free to contact me: EMAIL if you have any questions / comments! I've been loving the feedback all, thank you for your support!

Also, any OE people on Haypi Kingdom? I've been playing it a bit and have been having a fun with it so far. Send me an in-game message if you are: Rangent.

I'm still here!

Just wanted to make sure you all knew I'm still here! I've been swamped with everything going on in life right now, and haven't had any time to sit down, relax, and code up any new fun features. I really do appriciate any of the feedback I've received in game the few times I've had a chance to make it on in the past week or two. I will hopefully be able to get back to a less hectic life here in the next week or two.

Minor Fix

Found a minor problem with trying to add several systems to the map, where one system's name is contained in another system (ie. adding 'Panjan' was failing because my script was finding 'Panjanper' and thinking the system already existed on the map). Anyway, this has been fixed, thanks all for finding this bug and for the great feedback!

Automated Publishing!

I've completely automated the publishing process now! I believe all maps should be working correctly. If everything looks good, I can create a scheduled task on my computer to automatically run the script every morning!

Add Systems - Bug Fixes

Found a few more formatting bugs, but fixed them. Please let me know if you find anything amiss.
On a side note: I just scored me an iPhone 4. This thing actually exceeded my expectations by far. Outer-Empires looks amazing on the phone, and I'm realizing I'll definately need to get some work done to get my maps looking good on it!

Add Systems - Bug Fixes

Few bugs should have been fixed for you all this evening:
  • Save button now saves 'saved' systems for a year instead of the browser session X(
  • Adding systems to 1:1 scale maps now works
  • Reset button should now work (I removed any fancy functionality and just make it refresh the website
Make sure you do a nice CTRL + F5 on PC, or APPLE + F5 on Macs to make sure your browser refreshes all cached files.

New Feature: Add Systems!

Add Systems Button in the Route Planner

Added the ability to add non-space-stations systems to your map (think colonies).

New feature highlights:

  • Add Systems to the map.
  • Auto-Complete Feature
  • Save list for future visits

Homepage Update

Website was looking a bit tacky so I nabbed a free template from the web (thanks to people like Enjay for publishing useful free templates). Links are now located on the left side of the screen instead of the bottom.

Sight Structure Update

Cleaned up the file structure of the website. I think I got everything working fine, but please email me if you find a mistake: EMAIL.

No more Ads!

I upgraded my hosting plan so this site is no longer tagged with Ads!

Added government systems maps!

Systems Button Instructions
Systems Button in the Route Planner

This new feature allows users to view full scale maps to allow better targeting of systems in government system clusters.

Added the route pane!

Summary of the Route Pane:

  • White Circle: Click on this area to drag the route pane around the map.
  • Red Circle: Click and drag on the list item to rearrange it.
  • Green Circle: Name of the system.
  • Blue Circle: (P)ickup (D)ropoff checkbox.
  • Pink Circle: Remove the entry from the route pane.
  • Yellow Circle: Trace a route through each item in the route pane.
  • Orange Circle: Reset the map and route pane.

Added 1:1 maps

I have added 1:1 scale maps (others were 1:5 scale). Enjoy!